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Our Events

Delivering Unforgettable Live Experiences

Our Events are designed to offer businesses and consumers the best environments in which to buy, sell, promote, educate, inform and entertain. We continually strive to learn more about the industries we represent, ensuring we make informed choices about event content, design and promotion.

We’re conscious of our two way responsibility both to the businesses and brands investing in the show AND to the customers who entrust us with their time and their spend. We make all decisions relating to the shows with both perspectives in mind and review results on a regular basis as we continually strive to improve.

We aim to keep our Events inspiring and aspirational, while also affordable and accessible.

We are very proud to be entrusted with the ownership of Europe’s largest indoor funfair – the IRN-BRU Carnival. A Glasgow institution, this event has run for almost a century and is a huge part of the Christmas tradition for UK ride operators, Glasgow and the West of Scotland.  Ownership of this institution comes with responsibility to keep it alive and build on it for the generations ahead – and it’s a responsibility to which we’re committed.

  • Delivered 57 events to over 1.6 million visitors
  • Team of experts
  • Creating live experiences for informed choice
  • Welcome over 200,000 visitors to our events each year
  • Create bespoke sponsorship opportunities